The Belgian Network for Basic Income is a neutral and pluralistic platform that supports the circulation, the promotion and the study of the Unconditional Basic Income.

What is Basic Income?

It is an income granted:

  • to everyone, for life;
  • paid periodically to individuals;
  • paid without means tests, irrespective of any income of other sources and without requiring the performance of any work or the willingness to accept a job if offered.

The aim of the Unconditional Basic Income is to give everyone a material basis to conduct his life in dignity and to offer him the possibility to take part in a range of social activities.

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European citizens initiative for a basic income

A European Citizens Initiative that asks the European Commission to encourage the cooperation of the member states to explore the unconditional basic income as a means to improve their systems of social security, is working right now.

If we arrive at gathering more than one million signatures before January 14th 2014 to support this initiative within the European Union, the European Commission will be bound to thoroughly study basic income.

Visit the official page of or sign the initiative.